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The name says it all: CLASSIC. We believe in honesty, hard work and treating our customers the way we want to be treated. We have a traditional work ethic that mixes well with our knowledge of today's technology and products. We deliver a service and product that reflect our classic values of trust, fairness, quality and a neighborly attitude.

Remodeling is the specialty of Classic Electric, LLC. Residential remodel projects are completed with the least amount of drywall damage possible. We have developed specialized techniques and tools to be able to add light fixtures, plugs, switches, ceiling fans and exhaust fans to existing homes without doing any drywall damage.

Additionally, troubleshooting is a very important aspect of our success. Knowledge of NEC code changes and how houses were wired during the different code cycles gives us the ability to diagnose your home's electrical issues quickly and accurately.

We have financing options available for amounts over $2,000

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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency

What makes Classic Electric different?

  • We can do the vast majority of our remodel work without damaging any drywall, thus saving our customers time and extra costs.
  • We do not ask for money up front. We bill 70% of the estimate cost after we are done with the initial rough-in work and we bill the final 30% of the estimate cost once the job is finished. We will not take final payment until the customer is satisfied with the work we have done.
  • We have financing options available for amounts over $2,000.
  • We do not work by an hourly rate. We look at a project, give the customer an estimate to complete the whole project, and stick to that price throughout the project unless there are large changes to the scope of work.
1. How many smoke detectors do I need in my house?

Per the National Electrical Code, you must have 1 smoke detector on every floor, 1 inside each bedroom and 1 outside each bedroom.

2. How many carbon monoxide detectors do I need in my house?

You only need to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home if you use natural gas. If you do, you need to have one on every floor and within 15 feet of the bedroom doors.

3. What does a GFCI plug and/or breaker do?

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. An electrical circuit must have the same amount of power coming back as what goes out. A GFCI detects when there is a very small variance in the amount of power coming back within 6 milliamps. Once this difference is detected, it will shut down the circuit to protect you, the person, not the equipment.

4. How many GFCI plugs do I need to have in my house?

You must have GFCI protected plugs in the garage (with some exceptions), in the bathroom, on the kitchen countertop, within 6 feet of a sink and for any outdoor plugs.

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