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About Our Master Electrician

Thomas Adams Master Electrician

Thomas Adams grew up in Southern Oregon where he completed high school and started his electrical apprenticeship. After two years of apprenticeship there, Thomas moved to Seaside where he lived for a year and enjoyed all the coast has to offer. He learned firsthand the challenges of electrical work as it relates to the components being exposed to salt water. Thomas then decided that the Portland area had the largest opportunity for growth and expansion, so he moved to Washington County and has been there for over 25 years. Since Thomas lived and learned in these different parts of the state, he has a unique understanding of residential electrical, especially residential remodel wiring. Before opening Classic Electric, Thomas was also employed during his apprenticeship at 23 different electrical companies throughout the state – from small shops to very large shops. These experiences have given Thomas the opportunity to see many different ways to do something from many different people. He has combined that experience and knowledge in order to become a true specialist in residential remodel work.

Thomas holds the following licenses:
  • Oregon State General Supervising Electrician
  • Washington State Master Electrician
  • Oregon Inspector Certification

Thomas was previously awarded the Home Builders Association’s Trade Contractor of the Year award. 


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About Classic Electric

Classic Electric has been doing business since 2003. Our specialty is all aspects of residential remodel including: electrical panel changes, replacement and upgrades; kitchen and bathroom remodels; sump pump wiring; electrical vehicle charging station installation; garage and shop wiring; air conditioning and heat pump wiring; lighting design and installation; and more.

While Thomas received training and experience from so many different companies, one thing he learned is that no one particularly wants to do remodel work; especially because crawling in attics and under houses isn’t very enjoyable. Also, in order to do remodel work, a person must understand what someone has done before them and then modify the old work with precision while also taking into consideration the cost of changing the original platform to a new vision. This is not easy – it takes patience, patience, patience, and deliberate skill. Companies who do mainly new construction find this work difficult. Doing this type of remodel work requires special tools and specialized knowledge of the electrical code and how it has changed over the years in order to modify the new project. This type of work takes time, an extremely precise knowledge of current and past electrical codes, and a slower pace so that we do not disturb the customer living in their home. We take care to not disturb our customers’ furniture, walls, floors, and of course their sanity as it might take a little while to finish the project to our high standards. We are not done with a project until it looks good.
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