Videos by Classic Electric, LLC

Electrical Panel Change Time Lapse

Here is a time lapse video of an electrical panel change Thomas completed for a customer.

Most electrical panel and/or service changes are done for two reasons:

1. The existing panel is too small either in Amps (main breaker size) or there is not enough physical room in the panel to add new circuits (load) needed for a remodel, upgrade, or expansion.

2. If the panel is one of two brands—Federal Pacific or Zinsco. These panels have lost their UL listing because they are known for the potential to cause fires. If you have one of these panels, you should very seriously consider replacing it. Depending on the size of the Amps in the panel, you might also need to have a service change done.

Recessed Can Light Installation in Family Room

In this video Thomas is installing recessed can lights in a family room for a customer. Recessed can lighting is a popular choice for adding to your home because they provide good lighting and they do not take up space like a regular light fixture does. Also, you don't have to worry about color or style like you do with a light fixture. Recessed can lights blend into the ceiling and put out really good light.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

This video shows you the final product after adding a circuit to the electrical panel and running conduit to the other side of the garage where the electric vehicle charger is installed on the wall. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and prevalent. If you purchase one, you might want to have a charger installed in your garage. These chargers will require a dedicated circuit to be run from your electrical panel. Be sure to have the charger specifications so you can give them to your electrician so they know what size breaker and wire will be necessary for the install.

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

One of the best ways to add value to your home is to remodel your kitchen. There are a number of aspects to a kitchen remodel that require electrical work: moving appliances to a new location, installing new appliances with different electrical requirements than your old appliance, adding appliances that require a dedicated circuit (for example, a microwave hood combination), upgrading lighting, adding lighting such as recessed can lights and under-cabinet lights, and more.

Whole House Remodel and Addition

This home in Tigard, Oregon was completely remodeled and a second floor was added to part of the house. This video highlights how a construction project can go from open wood studs to a beautiful finished product.

Garage and Shop Electrical Work

There are an almost endless number of electrical projects that can be completed in your garage or shop. Here is an example of of some benchtop outlets that were added to a customer's garage.

How to Identify the Correct Electrical Box for Your Ceiling Fan

Do you have a wobbly ceiling fan? Chances are that it was installed with the incorrect electrical box. In this video I show you how to tell if the electrical box is correct and explain why using a proper electrical box is important.

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