Electrical Panel Changes, Replacement, and Upgrades

Does your electrical panel need some updating?


There are several reasons you might consider changing or upgrading your electrical panel. If you live in an older home with a small electrical panel, you may need to update and install a larger electrical panel. The new panel would accommodate more circuits needed for electronics or a remodel you are having done.

Also, if your home has a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical panel, you should consider replacing your panel as soon as possible. Those brands have been proven to fail and you and your family would be safer with a new reliable electrical panel. If you have any concerns about your panel, call us and we would be happy to come out and take a look at it for you.

Classic Electric Customer Testimonials:

Thomas was more than what I expected. Very professional and knowledgeable. We had a panel change and a new circuit ran and it was picture perfect. Thank you very much.
Warren K., Tigard, OR
We got a bid to add some 220V outlets to our garage for some shop equipment. I know the fundamentals of electrical stuff but that's about it. He came out and we were out of space on our panel and had a sub panel already, we were just out of room in our 1976 house with a 125AMP line. We ended up replacing the panel, line, meter adding the 220V outlets (2) and 4 canned lights. Tons of work, not a ton of money. The old panel looked like a birds nest from hell with wire leading now where and aluminum and copper lines wire nutted together. We got a new panel with 200AMP, cleaned up the lines, and he added the breakers at the meter. The panel is sweet, tons of room to grow. He was very good at explaining things, follow-up, customer service and reasonable prices. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.
Kathryn E., Portland, OR
You will not find a better electrician than Thomas with Classic Electric.
We had our 1928 home updated to 200 amp service, as well as numerous other upgrades throughout our home. On his initial walkthrough, Thomas suggested several things we should do to receive a more accurate (and justifiable) estimate and he would come back to re-evaluate. So we labeled some problem outlets, created an opening for the attic, etc… No other electrician had bothered to suggest this approach which resulted in their vague and over-estimated numbers. But Thomas’ estimate was detailed, competitive and left us knowing exactly what to expect. The work was started the exact time and day that was promised. He started and finished each day like clockwork. Before leaving, he would clean up, remove all trash and walk through the progress for the day. The level of professionalism and courtesy was always at 10.
Aside from the stellar day-to-day experience, I would consider Thomas a sage and an artist when it comes to wiring. Knowing a bit about electrical myself, I had plenty of questions to ask and he was eager to share his 20 years of knowledge and experience. He would also explain where certain changes were being made, and that extra work was being added to ensure the job was not only finished as spec’d but that it met his high aesthetic and quality standards — quickly following with “I’m not charging extra, I just want this to be right.”
Needless to say, everything was completed to our satisfaction and beyond. Thanks Thomas!
Matt W., Portland, OR
I had a great experience hiring Classic Electric to install a new electrical panel and move our PGE meter to the other side of the garage to meet a code.
Thomas Adams, the owner, was very professional. He communicated to me about the bid, what I needed and what I did not need. He does not like to add on a bunch of stuff that would cost me more but put more money into his pocket. I appreciate his honesty.
He gave us a fair bid.
He arrived when he said he would, did his job and left after a long day.
He ran out of time to finish the job to his expectations, so, instead of rushing to finish, he choose to finish the details the next day. We were up and running with power, but he came back the next day and did time consuming details like straightening the wires, caulking the openings and cleaning up. He gave himself more time to do the job right. Thomas just likes to do a professional job.
I had to ask him to come back two separate times and diagnosis a couple of problems that I thought were part of the installation. They turned out to be a problem in my house wiring. But you need to know that Thomas was quick in adjusting his schedule, returning to make sure his work was correct. He had a great attitude and I appreciated his extra effort to make sure I was happy.
I can easy recommend Classic Electric.
Eric L., Lake Oswego, OR