Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installations

Do you have an electric vehicle and need a charging station added to your garage? Classic Electric has installed charging stations for many different types of vehicles, such a Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, BMW, Ford Focus, and Kia Soul.

Classic Electric Customer Testimonial:

Had a new electric vehicle charging station to install which needed a dedicated 240V line running through a panel with no open slots. While another place might have charged thousands to put in a sub-panel, Thomas simply put in new breakers to re-use an existing slot and performed the entire job in a couple of hours for a n excellent price. Thomas was responsive, helpful, and professional. The inspector only took a few seconds to check out Thomas' work before approving it because according to the inspector, "Thomas' customers love him and he does great work." Yes he does.
Joe R., Sherwood, OR